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Mercedes-Benz have just released their latest campaign to present the new S-Class Coupé. And they have chosen to show off the model in an unusual way, since the video takes the form of a fashion film.
Mercedes-Benz turned to actress and style icon Tilda Swinton to star in the film. Under the direction of photographer and videomaker Roe Etheridge, Swinton is seen driving through the desolate and wild landscape of Scotland in the S-Class Coupé. Fashion designer Haider Ackermann, joined forces with the team to design the outfits, contributing to the mysterious and sophisticated mood of the film.  
As sponsors of over more than 30 fashion-related events worldwide, Mercedes-Benz have close ties with the fashion industry. The video is a way of bringing both worlds together. Talking about the film Dr. Jens Thiemer, Head of Marketing Communications at Mercedes-Benz said:  “For the latest campaign we succeeded in capturing the extraordinary nature of two major stars in a masterful way. Tilda Swinton and the S-Class Coupé both embody individual character, personal style and unmistakable design. And both set standards in their field."
The sporty S-Class Coupé, a true combination of technology and luxury, will be released November 2014. In the meantime we’re given a taster through a campaign that abstain from using words to present the new top-of-the range car, instead letting the visuals speak for themselves.