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Image source - Pixabay

BMW put on a strong performance for the second quarter, with net profits rising 27% to €1.77 billion. The group revenue for the second quarter stood at €19.9 billion.
BMW Group, who also owns British car brand Mini and the ultra-luxury marque Rolls Royce, saw unit sales across the three brands rise to 533, 187, representing an increase of 5.3% for Q2. This surge was spearheaded by the BMW 5-series as well as the sports utility vehicles, including the new X5 SUV which launched in 2013 and has seen a 29.7% increase in sales. Strong sales in China were an additional factor, with unit sales increasing by 23.1% for the first half to 225,490 units. 

‚ÄčThe BMW Group is set to introduce 16 models this year. Even though the flagging Russian market will impact on the year’s results, BMW is still predicted to reach the highest number of unit sales yet. Norbert Reithofer, CEO of the BMW Group said: "After our record sales volume performance in the first half of the year, we are now targeting a significant increase in the number of vehicles delivered to customers in the current year and hence a new sales record of over two million vehicles."
These figures put BMW ahead of main rivals Audi and Mercedes, as the world’s top luxury automobile maker. 

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