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Fashion designer Victoria Beckham is having a massive clear-out of her wardrobe for charity. She is putting 600 items of clothing up for auction on online designer outlet to raise money for women who are HIV positive.
Proceeds of the sale will go to mothers2mother, a charity that helps HIV positive mothers, providing them with support, educating them on HIV prevention and helping them to avoid transmitting HIV to their child. Victoria Beckham decided to raise money for the cause following a visit to m2m in South Africa last February. 

Bidders will be able to purchase a range of items, from bags to luxury evening dresses. Some of Victoria Beckham’s most iconic outfits feature amongst the 600 pieces, including items dating back to her days as a member of girl band Spice Girls. Talking about the selection, Victoria Beckham said: “A lot of the pieces have been made especially for me, by the designers. These haven’t all been bought off of the shelf.” Each item will have been valued by auction house Christie’s.
The auction will open on the 20th August at 9.30am and will run until the 25th August. Those wishing to get their hands on a piece of Victoria Beckham’s wardrobe will need to register on The Outnet beforehand, with registration having just opened today. 

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