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Leading trend-forecasting service for fashion and design, WGSN Group, launched its new super-platform today.
The website merges the products of Stylesight and WGSN into one, following the WGSN Group’s acquisition of rival company Stylesight in November last year. The new platform not only expands WGSN to a wider audience, encompassing Stylesight’s US based clientele, but will also offer a broader range of services, in an effort to stay at the head of its game in a constantly evolving market. 


WGSN was launched in 1998 and sold to what is now known as Top Right Group in 2005 for £140 million. £50 million have been invested into WGSN over the past two years, in the lead up to this new technology product.
In a statement, Sansan Chen, Senior Vice President, Product, WGSN said: “The new WGSN has been driven by a clear desire to delight, inspire and inform our customers. In bringing together WGSN and Stylesight, we were fanatical about retaining the unique and valuable aspects of each service.” The new platform was based on technology developed by Stylesight, and is now available in five languages. In an attempt to be technologically innovative, the super-platform offers additional features in the form of new digital tools and proposes to be more efficient, timesaving and easier to use.
The launch of this new product corresponds with the appointment of Carla Buzasi, the founding editor of Huffington Post UK, as Global Chief Content Officer for the WGSN Group.