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Image source - Kormaran

The time when we’ll be able to pilot the likes of flying cars is not an all too distant future, as the newest technologies are being used to develop new modes of transportation. Here is a selection of the newest vehicles out there.   
The Kormaran is a four-in-one vessel which is taking boating to a whole other level. It can transform itself from catamaran, trimaran to monohull to hydrofoil, all whilst being in motion. The Kormaran can reach a speed of 44mph and can also be used as a floating platform. At the height of high-tech, it also borrows elements from the world of F1, with a body that is made of carbon fiber. It's currently on show at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Image source - U-Boat Worx
Super Yacht Sub 3 by U-Boat Worx
U-Boat Worx are experts at all things submersible. Their latest product is the Super Yacht Sub 3, in which three people can dive 300 metres deep. Bert Houtman, founder of U-Boat Worx said: “It is now time for the Super Yacht Sub 3 to kick this industry into high gear so that every yacht owner can enjoy the amazing underwater world.”
Weighing 3700kg and with a length of 2.85m, The Sub 3 has up to 8 hours autonomy allowing passengers to explore the underworld at length and in total luxury thanks to climate control, an auto-pilot function and the comfort of leather seating. 

Image source - AeroMobil

The AeroMobil
The idea of a flying car, might well sound implausible but a Slovakian company has created just that. Using flying technology, the AeroMobil functions as both a car and plane able to carry two people. As a plane, it can reach up speeds of 124mph, whilst on land it can hit 100mph. The first production vehicle is supposedly scheduled for early 2016.
A taste of the future, these contraptions are certainly worthy of a James Bond movie.