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Source - Miu Miu

It’s a well known fact most of us can’t get by without a mobile phone, and we’ve increasingly come to rely on apps in our day-to-day lives…We take a look at the newest luxury apps out there.
Fashion label Miu Miu recently released their eighth Women’s Tale. Screened at the Venice Film Festival, the short film called Somebody comes accompanied by an app of the same name.  
Developed in collaboration with film director Miranda July, the messaging service allows users to send messages to other people. However, there’s a twist: the message gets sent to the person geographically closest to the intended recipient, who then has to deliver your message to them.
Going on holiday? Ritz-Carlton have jumped on the app band-wagon to make life easy for guests staying at their hotels. The app includes a check-in and check-out service, as well as mobile room-service and even a feature to transform your holiday snaps into vintage posters. 
The Tie Break app follows in the footsteps of Silk Knots. Developed by Hermès, Tie Break gives stylish users the chance to discover the world of the label’s luxury ties and scarves. The app features games, tutorials as well as items from the new Autumn/Winter range. 


Image source - Instagram 

Last but not least, there’s the app which is creating a lot of buzz at the moment. Called Hyperlapse, it’s the sister app to Instagram allowing users to create timelapses. A very versatile product, it is predicted to go down a storm across a range of sectors from real estate to fashion week. 

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