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As the hype around the iPhone 6 continues, luxury mobile phone manufacturer Vertu launched Aster, their new smartphone, today. So how does the ultra-luxury phone compare with iPhone’s latest offering?
Vertu has opted for a unisex look with the Aster model. The iPhone 6 have focused on creating an ultra-thin model with a seamless design, using aluminium, stainless steel available in gold, silver and space gray. Vertu, on the other hand, has opted for more premium materials: with a titanium casing, the Aster smartphone incorporates a choice of three different types of leather - calf, karung or ostrich – and comes in six different colours. It is protected with 117 carat solid sapphire crystal.
The iPhone comes hand in hand with the new iOS8 software, whereas the Aster uses the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, used by over 1 billion smartphones. In terms of display the iPhone 6 features a Retina HD display, with a resolution of either 326 or 401ppi. The Aster has a 4.7” full HD display with a resolution of 473ppi.
When it comes to audio-visuals Apple has upgraded its iSight camera for the iPhone 6. Vertu, meanwhile, works in collaboration with other luxury brands, including Hasselblad for the camera and Dolby® Digital Plus virtual surround sound.
Vertu take the exclusive luxury experience further enabling Aster owners access to Classic Concierge, Vertu LIFE and Vertu CERTAINTY and will enable customers to monogram and engrave their phone on the website.
Whilst Apple advertises the iPhone 6’s price beginning at $199, Vertu’s Aster has a starting price of £4,200.
Both brands have different approaches. Apple is driven by using the latest technology. Designed to be fashionable accessory, Vertu places the focus on craftsmanship.
Conclusion? Two very different phones, with very different agendas. 

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