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Do you struggle trying to balance your work and personal life? The Confederation of British Industry, or CBI, has said that companies need to offer more flexibility to their employees.
This attempt to encourage businesses to be more flexible is part of CBI’s ‘Great Business Debate’, and was launched in partnership with parenting website Mumsnet.
CBI found that most companies offer some form of flexibility, however there is still room for improvement. The announcement is based on the results of a survey from YouGov. which found that many people are finding it difficult to coordinate work and home life: 42% of staff would feel uncomfortable about asking their employers for more flexibility. The feeling is applicable to both men and women alike.
CBI suggests that companies should promote flexibility from the very beginning, advertising it within the job description when recruiting. Katja Hall, CBI’s Deputy Director-General said: “Flexibility is not just for parents but for all staff. It can work for everyone including businesses. That’s why we’re calling for businesses to encourage flexibility from the job ad onwards.” Although flexibility would primarily benefit working parents, it could also help many of their colleagues in managing the various aspects of their lives.
According to CBI, providing more flexibility would result in staff being more productive and loyal towards the company, making it easier for a business to retain their employees.