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Image source - Pixabay

Fashion, art and design are certainly no strangers to one another and Design Miami - which is taking place this week - has to count as the eptitome of this fusion. We've picked the best from Art Basel.  

Imagine being able to create your dream apartment. Fendi have done just that by enlisting Dimore Studio to create the ideal Fendi apartment. On show at Design Miami, the apartment features a daybed in shaved mink, leather wall panels and walnut chairs. There’s no doubt about it, the project is a fitting homage to Rome, Fendi’s birthplace. 

Louis Vuitton has orchestrated an exhibition of furniture designer Pierre Paulin’s work. ‘Playing with Shapes’ is a show of furniture designed by Pierre Paulin for Herman Miller in 1972. The futuristic furniture was never produced, existing only as a model, but Louis Vuitton’s support has enabled it to be bought to life for the purpose of Design Miami. 18 pieces of furniture are on show at the exhibition, allowing you to step into the world of the innovative designer. 

Bally meanwhile has gone all out, and built a house for Art Basel in Miami. A prefabricated house which dates back to 1944 by designer and architect Jean Prouvé. 70 years after the original was created Bally are celebrating modernist architecture with the ‘Triangle Walks’ projects. 

Marino, the architect and interior designer behind some of fashion’s most important luxury boutiques is in the spotlight at Miami Design this season as he is to receive the Design Visionary Award. In addition the ‘One Way: Peter Marino’ show is a display of his art collection as well as studies from his own work as architect. 

Miami Design runs until the 7th December. 
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