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We all know the mantra. The New Year stands for resolutions, the perfect opportunity to bring changes to your life for the better. It may sound daunting, but it doesn’t necessarily require a massive overhaul of your current lifestyle. Here are some resolutions ideas from Style Incorporated.
Be organised
Aim small with the resolutions. Simply attempting to be organised is a good start…but do it properly, so you don’t give up within the first two weeks. Invest in a beautiful leather diary to help you keep track and make the most of 2015. Smythson have got 2015 covered, with a whole range of beautiful leather bound diaries to choose from. 

Join a new club
Maybe you need a change of scenery, without straying far. The South Kensington Club is opening its doors in time for the New Year. A member’s club which promotes a spirit of adventure, it takes elements from the world over incorporating them in workshops as well as the offering facilities such as a bathhouse, gym, library and restaurant.  

Sometimes, all that is needed is some time out to unwind and reassess.. Head to the Caribbean to the Belle Mont Farm, St Kitts: a luxury resort with a holistic philosophy, it’s an ideal retreat. The resort opened in December 2014 with a focus on being organic and sustainable. Surrounded by the forest and ocean, you can connect with nature and enter on a journey of discovery and self-discovery. 

Find a new job
Unhappy with your current career, or simply fancy a change? If you’ve thought about it long and hard, and decided a new job is the right thing for you in 2015, then you need look no further than Style Incorporated for jobs in luxury fashion and retail.
Ultimately - whether you decide to add some structure to 2015 by being a bit more organised or opt for radical change - the start of the 2015 is about taking time to focus on yourself. On that note, Happy New Year!