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Image source - Pixabay

For those on the job hunt, prospects are looking up according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The OECD recently published its bi-annual outlook of global economic prospects for the coming two years. The report considers the factors that are impacting on the world’s economy, establishing that there are signs of economic recovery and growth in the UK.
This is tightly bound to the job market, which is becoming stronger in the UK and the OECD highlights that recruitment is on the rise: “The unemployment rate has been falling rapidly, vacancies are rising, and there are increasing signs of skill shortages.” Unemployment rate has dropped by 1.5% points from the beginning of the year to the third trimester of 2014. These findings tie in with LinkedIn’s predictions for the recruitment landscape in 2015, which suggest that recruiters are looking to hire more people.   
Furthermore, wages may still not be increasing much, but the report predicts that this is to change over the coming two years: “Earnings growth is edging up, but has yet to accelerate significantly.” It emerges that more could be done to boost growth further, and when looking at the UK the OECD highlights certain strategies that could have a positive impact: “Labour productivity would also be strengthened by further structural reforms to improve loan availability, reduce mismatches in the labour market and further upgrade infrastructure.”
So whilst the economy may still only be picking up slowly, the future is looking increasingly brighter when it comes to the job market. 

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