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Having discussed McKinsey’s findings that reveal that diversity in the workplace matters, it also emerges that UK Women Directors are underrepresented in small businesses.
Approved Index, a UK-based B2B directory looked into gender diversity in start-ups with a new study. The report draws a comparison between established FTSE 100 businesses, generally considered to have a traditional male-orientated approach to hiring, and start-ups considered to be industries pioneers.
The results were unexpected. Whilst FTSE 100 companies have hired increasing numbers of women, with 22.8% of directors now being female, Approved Index found that start-ups, on the other hand, only have 8.37% women directors. Not only are start-ups lagging behind, but the number of women directors in small companies has decreased since 2010. As a result the difference between FTSE 100 companies and start-ups is growing more acute: the gap has grown by fourfold since 2010. 
Another surprising find was that women are particularly unrepresented in London, the place where most start-ups are set up, as the region is ranked in 6th place out of 11 in the UK.  
Trilby Rajna, who worked on the report for Approved Index commented: “Our findings expose some really shocking trends of male superiority in the senior appointments of new businesses. It seems that despite start-up firms being heralded as the pioneers for innovation and technological advances, the inherent culture is far from progressive. Emerging entrepreneurs do not have the excuse of a history of bad cultural practices to latch on to. They should know better.”
In short, small businesses need to take a leaf out of the FTSE 100 companies’ book and start recruiting women without further delay. are recruitment specialists in the luxury brand sector and are based in Central London.