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In ‘Restarting a Stalled Career’, a piece published on Wall Street Journal, Joann S. Lublin examines the case of plateaued careers.
The article highlights that a plateaued career can happen to absolutely anyone. However, even though you might be stuck in a career rut, that doesn’t mean your career is destined to end there. As Lublin urges: “it’s time to take action and revive your trajectory.”   
Lublin’s article, which is peppered with examples of successful real-life career reboots, can be summarised in a few key points.
First of all, it’s important for a stalled executive to look forward to the future …you have to keep building your career, develop it and make it grow.
One way to move forward, might be to go and work for another company. Lublin cites career author Tony Beshara ““you have to broaden your vision, take risks and be prepared to work really hard to establish your credibility with the new employer.” In other words, a new environment can be challenging and its important to embrace that.
You shouldn’t be afraid of exploring new avenues. A step down or sideways isn’t necessarily a bad thing – this might just be the catalyst needed to give yourself a boost and it could eventually lead on to new promotions.
Taking on a new job isn’t the only way you can overcome a lull in your career Lublin highlights. She suggests seeking out the help of an executive coach or mentor: a different person’s perspective can be beneficial in the process of setting new goals.
Finally, it doesn’t harm to grow your talents and give your resume an additional boost: “Other tactics, such as acquiring new skills or credentials, may put a plateaued career back on the fast track.” writes Lublin.
Restarting a stalled career can seem like an impossible hurdle to overcome but, as Lublin points out, there are a number of ways to do it. All it takes is a small dose of determination to propel yourself beyond that plateau.
Lublin’s article can be read on the WSJ “At Work” blog.