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Image source - Pixabay
It’s a common mistake and a trap that’s easy to fall into. ‘Motivated’, ‘passionate’ and ‘creative’ may seem like the right words to be including on your CV, however LinkedIn has revealed that these were the top three overused words in 2014.
The professional social network, which launched in 2003 and now counts more than 300 million members, has just released a list of the ten most recurring buzzwords on CVs. LinkedIn publishes these findings at a moment of the year when New Year’s resolutions are being put into action and more individuals than ever on the hunt for a new job. 
Based on the “Summary” sections of LinkedIn profiles from across the world, results determined the 10 most used global buzzwords as well as indicating country-specific ones for 21 different countries. In addition, LinkedIn published a list of the global buzzwords by profession. Words such as track record, dynamic and motivated emerged to be the worst offenders.
LinkedIn highlights that using the right words in your CV is a key part of your efforts to brand yourself. Using words that everyone else is including on their CVs is not going to make you stand out, so it’s best to scrap the clichés. 
So, what should you be using instead of this jargon? LinkedIn’s Director of Corporate Communications Catherine Fisher explains: “Don’t go to your trusty thesaurus and replace one buzzword with another lackluster adjective.  Rather, include examples that illustrate how you’re motivated.” By explaining your achievements and skills through examples to prospective employers, you are being much clearer than when using clichés.
Looking to get ahead of the game this year? Before rushing headfirst into sending off job applications, maybe it’s a good idea to start off by giving that CV a polish.