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Image source - Pixabay
With the beginning of the year, many of us decide to reassess what’s going on in our life and that often starts by re-evaluating our career. And according to the Institute of Leadership and Management when it comes to work, more people are considering change this year than in previous years.
For the past three years now, the ILM has conducted a survey examining what workers plan for the year to come. This year, it emerges that no less than 37% of workers hope to change their job during 2015. This represents a huge leap: at the beginning of 2014, this figure stood half that, at 19%, and in January 2013 it was at 13%. These findings suggest that workers in the UK are increasingly open to change.
Talking on BBC Radio Four’s program 'Today', ILM’s Chief Executive Charles Elvin commented: “A lot of people this year, both workers and managers are looking to move jobs. It demonstrates that people are feeling more confident to go out and look and see that the opportunities are there.” 

The ILM has listed the top reasons for this significant increase:  first and foremost ambition is the driving factor, followed by a wage increase, the hope of finding a more interesting job as well as better management. In the interview Elvin added that “It also illustrates that people are looking now to fulfill personal ambitions, they want to be recognized: that’s the overall drive behind each of these decisions.” In fact, the survey revealed that 59% of participants said they were looking for opportunities to advance in their career. 

‚ÄčIn the face of this Elvin highlighted that businesses need to support and encourage employee progression:  “Companies may want to adapt to this new improved climate, by acknowledging where staff have excelled and moulding opportunities for them to advance.”

Where do you stand? Do you belong to that 37%, ready for a new job?