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Are we about to witness a revival of the UK’s textile industry? The Alliance Project, an initiative that was set up in 2013 to research the possibilities of bringing back textile manufacturing to the UK, has just published a report.
The report entitled ‘Repatriation of UK Textiles Manufacture’, is the first big report on the sector in 20 years. It looks into detail at the supply and demand chain of the UK’s textile industry, establishing that this is a sector, which is currently experiencing growth in the UK. Currently worth £9bn to the UK’s economy, it could be responsible for creating 20,000 jobs in the next five years. 
With costs going up in competing countries, the UK is once again becoming attractive as a place to source textiles. This is helped by the fact that industry skills, which were once commonplace in the UK, such as knitting and weaving, haven’t died out yet. In addition, the UK is looking towards methods to develop and innovate in textiles.The report’s findings establish that "there is a thriving and world class textile manufacturing base‚Ä®in the UK that is investing and growing, with new markets coming on-line all the time."
John Dixon, executive director general merchandise, Marks & Spencers said: “The report shows what a positive effect a resurgent UK textile industry has on job creation, skills and innovation on our own doorstep.”
The Alliance Project created 1,600 jobs in its first year, proof that this is a sector which has potential. More support needs to be given to the UK’s textile businesses, in order to bring back manufacturing to the UK.The textile industry could not only be a source of employment but also once again become a major player of the UK’s fashion industry.