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Last week we looked at the most desirable jobs in the UK, which proved to be quite surprising. This week, career’s website Glassdoor published an annual list of the ‘25 Best Jobs in the UK for 2015’. Which positions made it to the top of the list?
Glassdoor uses a 5-point scale to rank the jobs. The list is compiled according to three criteria: the average base wage, career opportunities and vacancies, with roles excelling across all three factors making it to the top 25.
The role of marketing manager, whose main task is to promote a brand’s products or services, came in first place with an overall score of 4.5. The base salary for a marketing manager is typically £46,561per annum, with the number of job openings being just short of 3000 and with Glassdoor awarding it a career opportunities rating of 3.6. In the US version of the list, this role appeared in sixth place.This was followed by the role of finance manager in second position, which has a higher average salary (£52,081), but fewer careers opportunities (Glassdoor gave it a rating of 3.2). Mechanical engineer came in third place.
Other roles on the list include that oflLawyer in ninth position and that of recruiter in 18th position with a score of 3.9. Trader came in the final place on the list.
Whether you’re on the hunt for a new job, or simply curious about what else is out there, Glassdoor’s list certainly gives a good insight into the top careers around at the moment.