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Image source - The Muse

Are you in the process of looking for a new job? In which case, there are high chances that you’ve dedicated a lot of time to sending out your CV and scrupulously filling out job applications, all with the knowledge that before even being offered a job, you’re application has got to impress enough to land you that job interview. 
Career coach Kristen Walker (also the co-founder of coaching company Clarity on Fire) has written a piece for The Muse in which she explains a crucial tactic that could help you get more job interviews. On the face of it, her advice could be seen as quite surprising, since she suggests applying for fewer jobs.  
In the article Walker recommends the ‘9-out-of-10’ Rule: “If a job does not rank as a 9 out of 10 in terms of both your level of excitement and competency, then it’s not worth applying to.” In other words, you need to be rating the jobs you are applying for in order to assess how much you’d like that role.
The reason why this is approach is successful, is quite simple really. The secret behind Walker’s ‘9-out-of-10’ Rule can be summed up in a few key lines:
The less applications you are having to work on, the better quality they will be.
If you really want the job you’re applying for, the keenness will show in your application.
Fewer applications means less rejections…so there are higher chances that you’ll stay motivated for longer when searching for a new job.
And finally, when you do get a positive response from an employer, you’ll be truly happy to have been given the role.
Ultimately, it boils down to one thing, as Walker says: “It’s all about quality over quantity.”
It certainly doesn’t harm to give the ‘9-out-of-10’ Rule a shot.