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Sunday 8th March is International Women’s Day. You’ve probably already caught on to the hype around Emma Watson’s HeforShe campaign, as the actress took to Facebook with a video to promote a talk she’ll be hosting this Sunday. Then there’s also the tweeting buzz, with the ‘Make It Happen’ theme being used as a social media hashtag. But it doesn’t just stop there. International Women’s Day is both an opportunity to push for further improvements to Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, as much as it is a chance to celebrate achievements that have been made so far.

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Inevitably with IWD’s women’s careers are very much in the spotlight. The UN’s International Labour Organisation has found that “without targeted action, at the current rate, pay equity between women and men will not be achieved before 2086, or at least 71 years from now.”
This week Forbes published its ‘List of World Billionaires’. A total of 197 women feature on the list this year, an additional 25 from last year… whilst that’s an improvement, these women still only represent 11% of the world’s billionaires. What’s more, Forbes says that a mere 29 of these 197 women are self-made billionaires. These statistics suggest a lot has yet to be done, even though measures are in place to tackle inequality at work. There’s the ongoing project in the UK to get at least 25% women on FTSE boards, and continuous attempts to close the gender gap in the workplace. 

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate women’s achievements, from a professional point of view as well as in society as a whole. Amongst other IWD events, the Southbank is currently host to the Women of the World Festival (WOW), featuring talks, screenings, workshops and more. This weekend the Royal Academy is celebrating the careers of female artists, with a series of events. Department store Selfridges has teamed up with the Underwire Film Festival, with screenings at the Everyman cinema, in the aim of starting conversations on the place of women working in the film industry. The simplest, most stylish way to celebrate? Don a purple outfit this Sunday.