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We’ve all heard it before: first impressions matter…and none more so than at a job interview. Body language is a key component in the way you come across to a potential employer, so it’s important to get it right.
A survey conducted by job site Careerbuilder amongst 2,192 hiring and HR managers gives an insight into the most common mistakes that interviewees make. Results revealed that within five minutes of an interview, 49% of interviewers know whether they will be hiring the candidate or not. By the time 15 minutes are over, 90% have already reached their verdict.
The biggest mistake you can make during a job interview? Failing to make eye contact according to the survey. 65% of respondents named this as the top blunder, followed by these nine points:
36% - Failing to smile.
33% - Playing with something on the table.
30% - Having bad posture.
29% - Fidgeting too much in their seat.
26% - Crossing their arms over their chest.
25% - Playing with their hair or touching their face.
22% - Having a weak handshake.
11% - Using too many hand gestures.
7% - Having a handshake that is too strong.
Rosemary Haefner, vice president of HR for CareerBuilder, shares some tips on how to get it right. Practice makes perfect, or so they say, and she advises rehearsing the interview with friends or family beforehand: “Ask them for their feedback on things like posture, handshake and eye contact.” She also recommends filming yourself answering questions - you’ll then be able to pick up on any bad habits when you watch the video back.
Other key things to remember? Research the company says Haefner. The more you know about them, the better. Interviewers will be able to see that you’re interested in working for them.

When the time comes, take a moment or two to breathe: “Taking a few deep breaths prior to the interview can help relieve some of the anxiety that leads to fidgeting or other nervous tics later on.” Getting your body language right can make a massive difference in helping you secure the job.