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Image source - Pixabay

Love your job, but frustrated by what’s going on around you in the office? A new report commissioned by Samsung, and carried out by the University of Leeds, reveals that UK businesses are losing £250 million as a result of workers being repeatedly distracted at work.
2,000 participants from a range of industries took part in the 'Ahead of the Curve' study, which examined their office habits. It emerges that the average time spent working before being distracted is 22.4 minutes.
Most people work in open-plan office, which is why noise is considered to be the most distracting: 57% of respondents felt loud talkers interrupted concentration the most, closely by the phone ringing at 39%.
26% declared needless meetings hindered productivity, whilst a constant stream of emails was ranked as the fourth biggest distraction. The study establishes that, typically, workers check their emails every 22 minutes and the average time spent reading and writing emails is 1.8 hours a day, with 50% of respondents dedicating two hours or more of their time to them. Making tea for other colleagues, gossiping and loud typing were also in the top seven distractions. 

As a result of the numerous disruptions, respondents felt that they are productive for a mere 3.6 days of the week, which is equivalent to 70 unproductive days across the year. Yet, being productive can considerably improve wellbeing in the workplace, as 90% feel happy, motivated or satisfied if they have had a good day.  
Graham Long, Vice President of Samsung’s Enterprise Business Team said: “Today’s workplace is an ‘always on’ environment and as workers, we are more distracted, and more connected, than ever before.” With a significant amount of these distractions being related to technology, the report suggests we need to reconsider the way devices are incorporated into our working life