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Today the French fashion house Courrèges revealed it has taken on two new artistic directors.
Arnaud Vaillant and Sébastien Meyer have been recruited by the fashion house to take on the role. Despite only being aged 25 and 26, the young duo are the founders of their own label. Having met whilst studying in 2009, they set up Coperni together in 2013 and went on to win the prestigious ANDAM award last year. The label has also made it to the shortlist for this year’s LVMH prize. However, the pair has decided to withdraw their label from the competition and put Coperni on hold, in order to concentrate on their new role.
The Courrèges house was a defining fashion label of the sixties, and is known for popularising a futuristic Space Age look. Founder André Courrèges, who originally studied engineering, was at Balenciaga for ten years before creating his own label in 1961. Courrèges and his wife sold the label to Jacques Bungert and Frederic Torloting in 2011. 

Talking to WWD about the new appointment, Bungert commented: "They are incredibly talented. They have run their own firm, which means they consider both the creative and commercial aspect of what they do - the wearability of their clothes."
The designers are the first artistic directors since the label changed hands in 2011. The appointment is part of an effort to give the fashion house a new lease of life, and corresponds with a recent trend to resurrect iconic fashion houses from past decades such as Schiaparelli and Vionnet.
Vaillant and Meyer will present their first collection for Courrèges in October ready for Spring-Summer 2016.