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Image source - Pixabay
You’ve applied for a job, you’ve been summoned to interview and then you find yourself in the boardroom and the interview asks: “Why should we hire you?” In your mind, the answer is obvious: because you deserve it and you think you have what it needs. But how do you convey this to the hiring manager?
Here we have some tips on how to craft a strong answer:
Plan ahead
Since there are high-chances that you’ll get asked this question, whether you've applied for a retail management job or a sales position, you need sit down before the interview to put together an answer. When you’re nervous or put on the spot, there’s always the danger that you’ll start digressing or hesitating and this is exactly what you want to avoid. Having an answer ready will allow you to make a strong point. 

Do your research
First and foremost, when you’re preparing for the job interview look at the job description: it is crucial to really understand what the company expects from the person they will recruit for the role. Once you have pinpointed the main skills they are after, you’ll be able to work out how your experience fits around these requirements and prepare a strong answer.
Give examples
It’s all very well saying that you’re hard-working and have got fantastic communication skills…but you need to prove it. For example if you're applying for a retail management job, select three or four skills that are relevant to the role, give concrete examples of situations where you’ve had to use them in your career and highlight what you achieved as a result. This will be much more impressive than simply listing some overused career-related buzzwords.  
Find the right balance
You need to create a well-rounded answer to this question. The main aim is to successfully highlight what skills and experience you can bring to the company, but you might also want to briefly touch on what is in it for you.
Ultimately, when you get asked “Why should we hire you?” you really want to highlight that you stand out from the other candidates for this role. You need to sell yourself, so don’t have any qualms about leaving any modesty at home.