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Image source - Alexander McQueen
Some key figures from the UK’s luxury fashion industry have been nominated as potential candidates to appear on the £20 note.
The Bank of England has published the list of 436 deceased visual artists, one of which will be selected as the new face of the bank note. The list includes fashion designer Alexander McQueen, who passed away in 2010, Thomas Burberry, founder of fashion label Burberry as well as couturier Charles Frederick Worth. Besides the fashion industry, other branches of visual art are represented by the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, Francis Bacon and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. 

From May until July, the Bank of England encouraged the public to nominate visual artists that they thought had influenced British culture. In total around 30,000 visual artists were nominated. The chosen character will replace economist Adam Smith, who is currently represented on the £20 notes.
In a statement Victoria Cleland, Chief Cashier of the Bank of England, commented: “The fact that so many visual artists have been put forward underlines the extent of British achievement in the visual arts and reinforces why this field deserves to be recognised on the next £20 note.”
The £5 and £10 notes are also to be assigned new characters: Sir Winston Churchill is to appear on the £5 note, whilst Jane Austen has been selected to feature on the £10 note.
An Advisory Committee will now review the 436 individuals, with the help of focus groups, before making a final decision. The new face of the £20 note will be announced in 2016, with the new notes going into circulation within the next three to five years. After the success of the Victoria & Albert Museum's 'Savage Beauty' exhibition has proven just how pupular the designer is, would you like to see luxury fashion designer Alexander McQueen on the new note?