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You’ve applied for countless jobs out and then you get the much-anticipated email that summons you to interview. Congratulations! That’s already a great step forward in the process, whether you’re looking for a retail management job or a temporary position. However, it’s important not to be complacent: to really impress during the interview you need to prepare as much as you can.
Research the company…
You need to know as much about the company as possible. Familiarise yourself with all the information on the website, and if possible, ask anyone you know who might work there. Check the news – has the company appeared in any headlines recently? You want to thoroughly understand the company and its standpoint.
…and the interviewer
Similarly, you need to be aware of who is going to be interviewing you. Is it the CEO of the company? Is it someone from HR? Try to find out more about their position and their background. It may seem obvious, but do remember their name: if you feel nervous on he day, you don’t want to find yourself in any awkward situations.  
Prepare answers
Think about which questions you are most likely to get asked. Many interviews follow a similar structure: ‘Tell me about yourself’ is a classic opening line, whilst ‘Have you got anything you’d like to ask us?’ is a frequent closing question. Prepare your answers and think about a few key examples that you can use to highlight your achievements and strengths. Write down your answers as this will help you memorise them.
Once you’ve prepared answers and identified a few career stories to use as examples, you need to practice. You might choose to rehearse in front of the mirror or a video-recorder, or you might find it easier to ask a friend or family-member to give you feedback. Go over the sample questions you have prepared a few times as this will allow you to identify any stumbling blocks. The aim is to refine your answers, as well as your delivery. 
Last but not least
Finally, if you’ve got anything in the diary beforehand, clear your schedule and get a good night’s rest. You don’t want to be stressed or overtired when you turn up at the interview.
At all levels, from a retail management job to a temporary role, preparation is the secret to really nailing a job interview, so it’s worth investing time and effort if you really want the job.