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With the UK’s full-time workers spending an average of around 40 hours a week at work, it’s surprising that many of us even have time to invest in our personal life.
New research reveals that some companies are better at fostering the work/life balance than others: yesterday job search website Glassdoor published a list of the 20 highest-rated companies for work/life balance in the UK. The selection of the top companies was based on reviews given by employees in the UK.
Although the businesses varied greatly, Glassdoor found some common denominators that made these companies a good place to have a career: flexible hours, the option to work from home and reasonable working days were all criteria that employees valued.
The top 20 companies all earned a rating of 4.3/5 or more. Here’s the breakdown.
1. Euromonitor
 Euromonitor came in top position. A business intelligence research company, it was awarded a glowing rating of 4.6 out of 5.
2. Bank of England
The Bank of England follows closely in Euromonitor’s footsteps, also with a score of 4.6. According to one employee “Company culture is really warm, relaxing, not too much stress.”
3. MediaMath - 4.6
Global technology company MediaMath earned itself third place. Feedback revealed that employees appreciated the flexible hours, team building as well as free food and beverages. 
These top three companies are then followed by:
4. Unibet – 4.6
5. Equal Experts – 4.6
6. Holiday Extras – 4.6
7. Financial Force - 4.5
8. Aspire – 4.5
9. Swiss Re – 4.4
10. Pentland – 4.4
11. Commerzbank - 4.4
12. Hitachi Data Systems - 4.4
13. Standard & Poor's Rating Services - 4.4
14. HomeAway - 4.4
15. Peer 1 Hosting - 4.4
16. Investigo - 4.4
17. Ticketmaster - 4.3
18. Workplace - 4.3
19. Marcus Evans - 4.3
20. Cornerstone - 4.3
How about you: do you like the company you work for? Does it offer the right balance between your career and personal life?