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It’s that time of year: August is in full swing, the warm weather is upon us and for many, it’s the period when we choose to take annual leave. If you're taking time off, it may seem tempting to keep your work phone switched on or to keep an eye on your work emails; however, it’s important to realise that taking a full break from work can actually do your career a world of good.
Switch off
Taking a break from your job will help you to come back to work refreshed and with more energy. Even though you may feel that you can’t justify taking time off, it’ll be worth it in the long run. A recent survey by Simply Business found that a fifth of small business owners can’t afford to take a single day off, yet studies have shown that not taking any holiday can be detrimental to your health. Holidays are your chance to switch off, and an opportunity for you to reclaim a healthy work-life balance.
Taking a step back
Whether you go away or decide to stay at home for a week, taking time off allows you to take a step back: it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on your career. Whilst you’re having a break, set aside some time to go over your career plan and assess the situation you’re in – is your career going in the right direction? Is it time to take additional steps in order to progress onto the next stage? 
Time for a new job?
Sometimes holidays can sometimes be a great catalyst: having taken a break, you might suddenly realise that you’re unhappy in your current job, or that you’ve reached a career plateau. If you’re based in the UK, have a look around to see what jobs are being offered by a London-based recruitment agency, for example, in order to get an idea of what the job market is like. Don’t let it ruin your time off, but do try to make the most of free time and think about your future.
Holidays are certainly the perfect opportunity to forgot all about work and get some well deserved rest, but they’re also likely to give your career an unexpected boost. It’s a winning situation.