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Image source - Pixabay

Apple Inc made a surprise announcement at an event in San Francisco yesterday, revealing that it had collaborated with French fashion house Hermès on a luxury version of the Apple smartwatch.
Made of stainless steel, the Apple Watch® Hermès comes in a series of styles: a single tour, a double tour and a cuff, all of which are available in different shades of refined leather. The single tour comes with the option of a 38mm or 42mm case, whilst the double tour and cuff have 38mm and 42mm cases, respectively. Digging into the French fashion house’s luxury heritage, the dial face is inspired by three of Hermès’ iconic watches, the Clipper, the Cape Cod and the Espace.
Talking about the collaboration with Apple, Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Hermès’ executive vice president in charge of artistic direction commented: “We are strongly united by the same deeply held ideas and principles. I see it as the establishment of an alliance in excellence; like horse and carriage, a perfect team.”

Prices for the high-end Apple Watch® Hermès watch start at $1,100 and will be available in select Apple as well as Hermès stores in 14 countries from 5th October. The original Apple Watch, originally released earlier this year, will also receive an update and new colours are to be introduced for the Sport model.
Drawing on artisanal techniques and craftsmanship, this collaboration marks a foray into the sophisticated world of luxury fashion for Apple and elevates the Apple Watch beyond being a functional smartwatch. The tech company had already touched on the luxury market with the Apple Watch in gold, but this collaboration with an important fashion house really seals the fusion between luxury fashion and technology. 

What’s the verdict? Would you opt for the luxury fashion version, or settle for the original Apple smartwatch?