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Image source - Pixabay
Luxury watch manufacturer Patek Philippe has just inaugurated its Horology Programme in New York, in the aim of recruiting future watchmakers. 

The course was established to satisfy customer needs  - according to the brand, around 10, 000 watches need to be repaired in the US each year. Patek Philippe currently employs 19 watchmakers, but with rising consumer interest in luxury watches the Horology Programme seems like the perfect solution to acquiring highly-skilled, professional watchmakers.

This is not the first initiative of its kind: the Patek Philippe Institute Shanghai was created in 2013 to satisfy demand in Asia, and the New York based Horology Programme will follow the same curriculum.
The first class of the Horology Programme kicked off in September. The 300 applicants for the course went through a rigorous recruitment process, which was aimed at selecting only the best. In the end, six candidates were carefully handpicked and given a place on the course. The course is free and consists of a training program that lasts two years, after which the six candidates will be offered a position working for Patek Philippe. During the two years, apprentices will be taught the mechanical and manual skills required to understand and fix the complex systems of watches, including all there is to know about quartz and mechanical movements.
In a statement, Laurent Junod - who has been hired to take on the role of Director of Technical Training of the Horology Programme - commented: "Working for Patek Philippe over these last 27 years, I have gained experience as well as a deep appreciation for the fine timepieces we create. I look forward to passing on my knowledge of and passion for Patek Philippe watches to the next generation of watchmakers.”

This scheme may have been established to deal with a shortage in skilled candidates in the US, but, at the same time, Patek Philippe aims to raise awareness about the variety of career options in the luxury industry