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Image source - Pixabay
Christmas is in the offing and, as we near the beginning of December, it’s almost time to start the official countdown. If you haven’t bought one already, here are some of the season’s best luxury advent calendars to get you in a festive mood.
Diptyque Advent Calendar - £250
It’s the heyday of beauty calendars, which is spearheaded by the popular Liberty one. For those that want more of an olfactory countdown to Christmas, Parisian perfumer Diptyque has created an advent calendar: it contains a selection of candles, fragrances, oils and cream. 

Villeroy & Boch Toy’s Memory Collection - £249
High-end ceramic manufacturer Villeroy & Boch have created a luxury porcelain trove, which is destined to be treasured year after year. The Toy’s Memory Collection is a porcelain box, with 24 drawers – perfect for keeping trinkets in.
Fortnum & Mason’s Musical Calendar £150
If you want to create an advent calendar that is personalized, then Fortnum & Mason’s Musical Calendar comes unfilled, meaning you cram each space with tailored gifts. Fortnum & Mason have given it an additional special touch: a different musical tune plays when each door gets opened.

Charbonnel & Walker Christmas Advent Calendar - £55
And because no advent is ever complete without a touch of chocolate, Charbonnel & Walker have created a calendar with 24 drawers of chocolatey goodness. The chocolatiers have drawn on their heritage and opted for a Victorian inspired design.
With so much to choose from, what’s it going to be? A traditional chocolate calendar or something more adventurous?