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Yesterday was a big day for luxury fashion label Burberry: not only did the brand reveal its celebrity studded festive video, featuring British names such as Sir Elton John, Romeo Beckham, Michelle Dockery and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but it also announced that the brand is about to go through a major overhaul.
Burberry’s CEO Christopher Bailey made public that all the Burberry lines are to be fused. High-end Burberry Prorsum, trench and accessories line Burberry London and the more casual Burberry Brit will all have been merged into a single line by the end of next year. Bailey explained: “By unifying our three lines under one label we can also offer a much more consistent experience of Burberry's collections." 
In addition, the British fashion industry is to get a £50 million boost as Christopher Bailey plans to open a new factory, to produce the iconic Burberry trenchcoats, in Leeds. Currently the production of the coats and creation of gabardine, the fabric that they are made from, take place at different locations in the UK. Under this new plan, Project Artisan, both factories will be brought together under one roof. For the time being around 800 staff are employed by Burberry across both; this initiative will mean that another 200 jobs will be created and will allow Burberry to up its production of trenchcoats by threefold when the factory opens in 2019. 
As well as celebrating the country’s craftsmanship and artisanal skills, Project Artisan is also a way for Burberry to really emphasise its heritage and status as a British brand.
These changes are, in part, a consequence of the decrease in sales in Asia and Burberry is not the first label to have simplified its structure this year. In March it was revealed that the Marc by Marc Jacobs line was to be absorbed into the mainline, whilst Donna Karan announced in July she was stepping down and her mainline was to be suspended, in to order to put the focus on diffusion line DKNY.