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Be it in fashion or cars, the luxury industry has gradually been amping up its digital presence over the last few years, and that also extends to making use of social media. 
NetBase, a company specializing in social media analytics, examined social conversation over the course of a year to determine what drives the luxury conversation. The NetBase Brand Passion Report: Luxury Brands 2016 study reveals that the luxury landscape is changing rapidly, and that social conversations is increasingly becoming an effective way to understand customer emotions.
As part of the report, NetBase has ranked the luxury brands by social mentions, spanning the period from September 2014 to August 2015. The brands can be grouped into different categories, of which fashion and bags, automobiles as well as jewellery are the largest. In the brand ranking, French fashion house Chanel came in first place. Meanwhile, Gucci earned itself second place, which is hardly surprising since the Italian fashion label has been the center of attention ever since the appointment of Alessandro Michele as new creative director last year.
In 2015, Apple was inevitably in the limelight, thanks to the much talked about Apple Watch launch. It earned itself fourth place on the list and also highlighted the fact that watches are a hot topic of conversation in luxury.
The Top 10
1  - Chanel
2  - Gucci
3  - Hermès
4  - Apple
5  - eBay
6 - Dior
7  - Louis Vuitton
8  - Vintage (not a brand)
9  - Prada
10 - Cartier
Overall, European luxury brands garnered the most attention: 25 of the top 45 – that’s more than half - hailed from Europe, whilst 14 come from the US. Meanwhile, social conversation for luxury was particularly centered on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.
The report explains: "Brands can leverage social analytics to understand emotion from millions of consumer conversations." In the face of this, NetBase outlined some recommendations for luxury labels: not only do brands need to listen to their consumers, but they also need use social media and mobile as part of marketing strategies as well as make the customer experience dynamic through relevant content.
With the report revealing that, “the top 15 luxury labels more than doubled their brand conversation in social” its clear that listening to - and examining - social conversations can give a lot of insight into the way consumers connect with high-end brands and, as a consequence, how the luxury industry is evolving.