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Image source - Pixabay
A new survey published by Fashion Revolution this week brings to light which fashion labels have the most transparent supply chains.
Fashion Revolution is an initiative that was set up following the collapse of the Rana Plaza clothes’ factory that killed 1,134 people on the 24th April 2013. Every year, in the run up to this date Fashion Revolution Week takes place in order to raise awareness about the true cost of fashion, be it human or environmental.
This year, for the first time, Fashion Revolution has created a Fashion Transparency Index in partnership with Ethical Consumer. Indeed, transparency is currently a key issue for the fashion industry since supply chains have become incredibly complex: as a result, fashion brands don’t always know who makes their clothes.
In a statement Carry Somers, co-founder of Fashion Revolution commented: “Lack of transparency costs lives. It is impossible for companies to make sure human rights are respected and that environmental practices are sound without knowing where their products are made, who is making them and under what conditions. When companies are working in a transparent way, this also implies openness, communication and accountability across the supply chain and with the public”.
In total 40 fashion labels, ranging from high-street to luxury, were included in the survey. These labels were then ranked based on the transparency of their supply chain, taking into account their efforts in five areas: Policy and Commitment, Tracking and Traceability, Audits and Remediation, Engagement and Collaboration as well as Governance. Each company’s efforts were rated out of 100, with the overall average score being 42%. Denim label Levi Strauss & co emerged with the best result with 77%, followed by Inditex and H&M with a score of 76%. In contrast, luxury fashion house Chanel scored the worst with only 10%.
The results highlight that although some brands are on the right track, there is still progress to be made in order to have a more transparent fashion industry.